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Experience @ UTHT

University of Toronto Hyperloop Team




Chief Mechanical Engineer



UTHT Team Leads
UTHT - Raj

It was in Fall 2019 at UofT, I had the opportunity to join the University of Toronto Hyperloop Team (UTHT). I joined them during the initial phase of team formation as a Chief Mechanical Engineer overlooking all the major mechanical subsystems. The team itself was formed to participate in SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, European Hyperloop Week (EHW), and also Canadian Hyperloop Competition (CHC). In Summer 2020, I started working closely with the structures team, concentrating more on structural and CFD simulations of the pod design. I was instrumental in developing a cost-effective carrier structure to transfer the pod into the Hyperloop Track. 

Key Responsibilities as Chief Mechanical Engineer:

  • Led the mechanical subsystems of structures, braking, and propulsion which includes around 100+ team members.

  • Collaborated with different Team Leads to stay on track with the Team's vision and goal. 

  • Organized workshops and led sub-system meetings to identify and solve critical design problems. 

  • Enabled cross-functional interactions to enable collaboration and concurrent engineering.

  • Mentored and trained young engineers to adopt the best practices in the Design and Manufacturing phases. 

  • Assisted business and marketing team in their decision-making process with respect to seeking sponsorship and material procurement. 

Key Responsibilities as Structural Engineer:

  • Developed a simple and cost-effective carrier frame to easily transfer the pod to the I-Beam Track. 

  • Performed structural and CFD simulations using ANSYS to ensure structural and aerodynamic stability of the pod. 

  • Supported propulsion sub-system in the design and choosing the right suspension for lateral and normal stability. 

  • Created DFMEA for the structures sub-system and generated risk mitigation plans for identified failure mods. 

Skillsets acquired

• Mechanical Engineering • Mechanical Design • Teamwork • Leadership • Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) • Finite Elemental Analysis (FEA) • ANSYS • Project Management • Structural Integrity Analysis • Topology Optimization • Concurrent Engineering • Procurement • Supply Chain Management • Business Development • 

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